DMS Completes Shared Workspace Project

At DMS, we like to stay on top of design and construction trends, and in the world of work, shared spaces are all the rage. We were contacted to customize an amazing penthouse in the heart of Hollywood for exactly that purpose. Shared workspaces, or co-working spaces as they're sometimes called, represent a unique type of space -- one that requires the flexibility to fill multiple functions and the ability to build a community. 

As more co-working spaces come around, there's a never-ending need to remain individual, which has many shared workspace companies contacting construction companies and architectural firms to spiff up on design and feel, while maintaining all of the functionality an office space needs. At DMS, we did just that, creating a unique space in this industrial loft penthouse that is open, one-of-a-kind and chic.

This penthouse on Sunset Boulevard, off-of La Cienega, will provide workspace members with an open and beautiful space to do their work. Check out pictures from the project below!